Dec 10, 2017

The Female Orgasm: 11 Things They Need

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The female orgasm quite often is set as the pinnacle of a woman’s sexual satisfaction. For a man, the ultimate goal of sex is being able to make a woman climax. Of course, ensuring he does as well. In the last two decades statistics show that the number of women who have experienced an orgasm during intercourse has dropped from 56% down to 46%.

There was a recent study completed which identified: 6 percent of women say they always orgasm, 40 percent can orgasm frequently, 16 percent about half the time, 24 percent rarely and 14 percent had never reached orgasm.

From a poll of 1000 women, we have the data of the “Top 12 Behaviors” that women find most appealing in helping them reach orgasm.
Do you think #1 is obvious?

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